Sex on the first date ?

Published on 08/07,2017

​I believe that many of you wondering is it okay to have sex on the first date. In today's modern times it is completely acceptable to have sex at first sight. And not love at first sight, than sex at first sight.
We go to the club, restaurant, pool, sea or mountain and there we meet boy or a girl. 
What happens than in most cases ? 
If they have a nice look, passion grows in us, we " fall in love " , we feel that this is something special. But is it ? Do you think you're right ? 
I read an article called " Here's why you need to have sex on the first date. 
  1. Sexual compatibility. - They say that thanks to sex you can know if you are compatible. I don't think so. I think the conversation is the best for getting to know each other. While you have sex, you can only find out which pose he or she likes the most or is he or she good in bed. You can not know will you agree in relationship.
  2. Size is important. - From what ? From brain haha ? I don't need to comment this.
  3. Take the time. - They think if you have sex on the first date you can save time and find out if he or she is worth the effort. But people, is not it wonderful when you talk, walk, go to special places, when he gives you a flower, and she kisses you, when you look at the stars. Is not it more beautiful than sex that may last perhaps an hour or maybe not so much. And what about tomorrow ? She or he will not call you tomorrow ! 
  4. Reduce volteg. - How ? With sex ? Haha no,no. It's all normal. It's normal to be scared, confused, that you don't know what to say. All this may be a beautiful beginning of one love. But sex ?  Sex on the first date in most cases can brings only problems.
  5. Listen to one thing. I have nothing against sex. On the contrary, I think that sex is very important part of every relationship and you need to practice it as much as possible. But not sex on the first date. Don't. Isn't it more beautiful to easily discover your physical and psychic personality ? 
    What do you think about it ?
    Let's exchange experiences and write me your comments and suggestions.
    Be love, make love, share love . . .

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